The Community Resiliency Model® - Building Resilience & Well-Being for Everyone

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    The Community Resiliency Model® - Building Resilience & Well-Being for Everyone

Mar 11th, 2021

All of us have a resiliency zone, a space in which we comfortably manage and tolerate the natural ups and downs of life. The resiliency zone is like a window, sometimes it’s wide open, sometimes open just a crack. Inside this zone is where we function most optimally supported by the resiliency available to us at that time.

In this free workshop, we'll offer you skillful and effective ways of managing and being in relationship with the natural experiences of stress and trauma - extreme, moderate, and low levels. It’s called the Community Resiliency Model® (CRM) developed by the Trauma Resource Institute. CRM offers a variety of easily accessible on-the-spot body-based tools that help balance and reset the nervous system. These wellness skills support the capacity to effectively respond to current stressors. The Community Resiliency Model® is widely used for cultivating long-lasting resiliency for individuals, organizations, and communities in general.

Thursday, March 11, 2021
9:00 - 11:00am, PT
Online via Zoom

Advance Registration Required. Everyone is Welcome!

Laurie Cousins is a secular mindfulness teacher, trauma-informed nonviolent parent educator, and somatic resilience practitioner. She is highly trained and certified through the mindful centers of UCLA & USCD which includes being a teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion. Laurie specializes in healing trauma and addictive behaviors through somatic processing and is trained in TRM & CRM from the Trauma Resource Institute. Mentored by Susan Kaiser Greenland and a founding member & teacher of the International Inner Kids Collaborative, Laurie enjoys teaching mindfulness in education for students, families, and faculty throughout Los Angeles and the US. She has a private practice in Studio City and is passionate about helping youth, individuals, couples, and families overcome adversity, cultivate connection, and build resiliency.  

Heidi Bourne is a meditation teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition and is the founder and guiding teacher of Pacific Mindfulness. She has been teaching groups and individuals since 2005 in both public and private settings, offering courses, nature retreats, and professional programs. In addition, she teaches regularly at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and in 2020, completed the Trauma Resource Institute’s Community Resiliency Model® Teacher training. Heidi is especially interested in the integration of the common sense, accessible and timeless teachings of awareness, ethics, and love into the complexity of our everyday lives. She is known for her grounded, down-to-earth humor and presence. Heidi has a background in nursing, has been a small business owner since 1988, and lives in northern California with her family.

Emily Stone is a social worker who has many years of direct service experience and now primarily focuses on trauma-informed policy reform in the Washington State legislature. She has a Master of Social Worker degree from the University of Washington with an emphasis in clinical multigenerational practice. Emily has several years of child welfare, nonprofit, and youth development experience and specializes in social justice work to help break down systemic barriers for youth and families. She has been a trauma-informed instructor for a youth mentoring program for almost 5 years and completed the Trauma Resource Institute’s CRM Teacher training in 2020. Emily continues to work in policy and advocacy, and also helps facilitate CRM trainings for law enforcement officers. On the weekends, she enjoys hiking throughout the Pacific Northwest or snuggling up with her cat and a good book.


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