Hut to Hut Women's Hiking & Meditation Retreat

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    Hut to Hut Women's Hiking & Meditation Retreat

Jul 7th, 2019

Join just eight women for this special summer wilderness meditation retreat as we hike The Sneffels Traverse in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.

San Juan Mountains
Telluride to Ouray, Colorado
Sunday to Friday
July 7th to July 12th

Each day includes hiking, morning and evening meditation, time for silence and reflection, a daily talk, and expertly prepared nutrient dense delicious meals.

Our route takes us through the Sneffels Wilderness area through alpine meadows and aspen groves beneath the jagged peaks of these exquisite mountains. At elevations between 9,000 and 11,000 feet, the hikes range from five to nine miles per day with average elevation gains of 1,100 ft and losses of 1,750 ft per day.

Nights will be spent in the fully equipped wooden huts of the San Juan Huts Systems, one night at each of the four huts. The huts accommodate eight people and are equipped with padded bunks, sleeping bags, Crazy Creek Chairs, a propane cook stove, propane light, wood stove, and necessary utensils and cookware. Each hut is equipped with a composting toilet facility.

We'll be joined by Nicole Nada, a Certified Nutrition Professional and experienced outdoors enthusiast who will design and prepare our meals. All meals will be provided beginning with lunch on Monday, July 8th. We'll all share in carrying the food, and the folks at San Juan Huts will provide a food drop mid-way through the trip to make our packs even lighter.

All you need to bring is your own personal gear including trail snacks, along with your heart, a stable strong body and a sense of adventure. It's essential that your physical condition can tolerate the high altitude and strain of daily hiking. Please be realistic about your capacity. While this is light-weight backpacking we will each carry whatever we bring. 

The retreat begins with a pre-trip meeting the evening of Sunday, July 7th in Ouray. Early the next morning, Monday July 8th, the San Juan Huts shuttle service will drive us to the trailhead above Telluride.  Our retreat ends on Friday, July 12th, as our hiking route ends right in Ouray. 

Getting There: The two closest airports to Ouray are Durango and Grand Junction, both just under 100 miles away and require flying through Denver or Salt Lake City. If you fly to Denver or Salt Lake, expect about a 6-7 hour drive to Ouray.  

Ready to sign up? Questions? Give me a call anytime, 707/498-5562
Extensive details (including maps and hiking routes) provided upon registration.

FEES: All Inclusive
Retreat Fee: $725

Prior to May 7, 2019 -  $200
May 8 to June 7, 2019 - $375
After June 7, 2019 - No refunds

Retreat fees do not include transportation to and from Ouray, Colorado. Meals and lodging are not provided on Sunday, July 7th. The first meal provided is lunch on Monday, July 8th and the last meal will be lunch on Friday, July 12th. Please plan to bring your own trail snacks.

About Nicole Nada
I could not have dreamed up a more beautiful way to spend five days — among women on a meditation retreat while hiking in the mountains of Colorado. I receive great joy through preparing, presenting and sharing wholesome food.  I believe that a diversity of high quality, whole food is healing and soothing to the mind and body; therefore, the meals on a trip such as Heidi’s hut to hut trip are an important part of the week, and will be thoughtfully planned and prepared to support your body and mind.  I graduated from Bauman College School of Nutrition in 2015 and work as a Certified Nutrition Professional with Dr, Connie Basch at Full Circle Center and am the founder of Nicole Maria Nutrition.  I graduated from the University of California Master Food Preserver Program and enjoy planning and creating meals that are lightweight for backpacking, nutritious and delicious. 

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