Integrating Change as a Path to Wholeness

  • Finding Balance in an Uncertain World

    Integrating Change as a Path to Wholeness

May 20th, 2020

Everything changes, continually.
Life is inherently challenging, for everyone.
Actions have consequences, big and small.   

All of us, no matter who we are, experience the pleasure and pain of success and failure, gain and loss, illness, aging, and death. When difficulty happens we tend to think something is wrong, we push it away we want it to end. When things are going well, we think this is how it's supposed to be, we hold on forgetting that it, too, will once again change.

Join Heidi Bourne and Heather Lear as we take a deep dive into the Buddha's teachings on Impermanence, Suffering, and Interconnection and the healing promise of Loving-kindness, Joy and Empathy. 

Each session includes silent and guided meditation, gentle movement (qigong), a dharma talk and group discussion. Everyone is welcome and some meditation experience is recommended.

6 Wednesday Evenings
6:30 to 8:30pm Pacific Time
May 20 to June 24
Live Online via Zoom

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Heidi Bourne, RN, CMF is a meditation teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition. She has been guiding groups and individuals since 2005, and from spring to fall offers wilderness meditation retreats. Heidi holds certification in mindfulness facilitation from UCLA, is a member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association, and is a guest teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She has a background in nursing and has been a small business owner in Arcata, California for over 30 years.

Heather Lear, MA was born and raised with the dharma in a family of Insight Meditation practitioners. She teaches at the intersection of heart-centered dharma, embodiment practices including Radiant Heart Qigong, community-centered racial awakening and DEI work, and serves as the Program Coordinator at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
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