Mindfulness for the Earth with Dr. Sarah Ray

  • Transforming Climate Anxiety

    Mindfulness for the Earth with Dr. Sarah Ray

Sep 12th, 2022

Do you feel hopeless in the face of bad news about the health of the planet?
Are you worried there won't be a healthy planet to ensure that your kids or grandkids can thrive?
Do you feel the suffering of the earth and its inhabitants on a daily basis?

Research shows that mindfulness practices enhance concern about climate change, as well as the capacity to cope with and address it. Our emotions are a sign of our connection to the suffering of life on this planet. But despair, anger, and anxiety over the long-term can deplete our capacity to engage. 

This 4-week session brings together the heart-practices of mindfulness and research on climate psychology to cultivate greater capacity to cope with the psychological effects of climate change, reconnect with each other and the earth, and be of service to planetary healing.

Dates & Times
4 Monday Afternoons
4:00 to 6:00pm PT
September 12 - October 3
Online via Zoom

How can we harness all of these emotions in service of that which we love? It is never too late to reduce the harm climate change is and will do to life on earth, and the planet needs us to be resourced. As with everything, saving the planet is an inside job. Join us for a transformative experience. 

Full Series, $95

Financial assistance is available. Apply for a scholarship.

Dr. Sarah Ray is a leader in the field of climate emotions. She publishes and speaks extensively on the role of emotions in climate activism, and is author of A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet, an existential toolkit for the climate generation. She works with educators and activists on transforming doom-and-gloom to hope and purpose. She is currently completing the UCLA Training in Mindfulness Facilitation.


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