Monday Afternoon Essential Buddhist Practices

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    Monday Afternoon Essential Buddhist Practices

Quiet the mind, open the heart, befriend your life.

Join us Monday afternoons as we take a deep dive into the timeless and dependable teachings of the Buddha drawn from the Insight Meditation tradition. Each class includes meditation, a dharma talk, and group discussion in the service of cultivating awareness, compassion, and wisdom.

Everyone is welcome, both new and seasoned practitioners. These classes are offered in multi-week blocks. Come for the whole series, or drop in whenever you can.

Fall 2022 Series
The Noble Eightfold Path; 8 Practical Common-Sense Ways for Living a Clear & Balanced Life
Part 1, October 10 - October 31
1. Wise Understanding: Suffering & the End of Suffering (Dukkha), The Four Noble Truths, Karma (Cause &  Effect), Three Universal Facts of Life; Impermanence, Dukkha, Interconnection
2. Wise Intention: Metta (lovingkindness), Compassion, Renunciation/Simplifying/Letting Go
3. Wise Speech: Skillful communication
4. Wise Action: Non-harming through thoughts, actions, speech and relationship


Part 2, November 14 - December 12
5. Wise Livelihood: Relationship to earning money in the context of non-harming
6. Wise Effort: working with changing states of mind, befriending and cultivating wholesome skillful states, befriending and letting go of unwholesome unskillful states.
7. Wise Mindfulness: the cultivation and practices of awareness itself
8. Wise Concentration: through meditation developing a clear, steady balance of mind, non-distracted awareness.

Monday Afternoons, 4:00 - 5:30pm PT
Online via Zoom

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Plan Ahead for the New Year & Begin Again Together
Three Pillars of Practice: Dana, Sila & Bhavana

Generosity, Ethics & the Cultivation of the Steady Mind
January 9th - January 23rd

Reclaiming Our Strength: the Five Spiritual Faculties
Confidence, Energy, Mindfulness, Wisdom & Concentration
February 13th - March 13th


Pacific Mindfulness is committed to increasing access to the teachings and practices of awareness, generosity, compassion, and wisdom. In this spirit, most of our courses and retreats offer some financial support. We are steadfastly dedicated to offering programs that help protect, support, and expand the well-being of ourselves, each other, and our environment.

Heidi Bourne is a meditation teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition and is the founder and guiding teacher of Pacific Mindfulness. She has been teaching since 2005 in both public and private settings, offering classes, series courses, nature retreats, resiliency-focused professional programs, and teaches regularly at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Heidi is especially interested in the integration of the common sense, accessible and timeless teachings of awareness, ethics, and compassion into the complexity of our everyday lives. She is known for her grounded, down-to-earth humor and presence.

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