River Rafting & Meditation Retreat

  • Dinosaur National Monument & the Yampa River

    River Rafting & Meditation Retreat

Join us for this beautiful 5-day retreat on the spectacular Yampa River in Colorado and Utah combining unbeatable wilderness adventure and contemplative practice.  We’ll partner with OARS, the premier outdoor travel company since 1969, as they guide and support us on one of the most sought-after river trips in the world.

Yampa River, Colorado/Utah
May 18 – May 22, 2018

River Rafting & Hiking
Meditation & Yoga
Delicious Meals
Peace & Quiet

Each day will begin in peaceful silence with early morning yoga and meditation before breakfast, followed by a day of exciting rafting, quiet hiking and delicious meals. In the evenings we’ll gather beside the river for a talk, meditation and stargazing before we settle into silence for the night.

The Yampa River is the last undammed tributary of the Colorado River system, and its free-flowing, untamed Class III and IV rapids flow through the heart of Dinosaur National Monument. The Yampa displays sandy beaches, deep, colorful canyons, habitats for native plants and animals, and other splendid features of a river unfettered by man-made obstructions.

Its location adds an intriguing archaeological element, and side hikes along the river reveal ancient fossils, prehistoric Native American ruins, and petroglyphs carved into cliff walls. All these treasures are encased in a strikingly beautiful river corridor where the tall, vertical walls are a canvas of yellow and red, sometimes dramatically streaked with jet-black coloration known as “desert varnish.

Come experience the freedom of the Yampa, the magnificence of these ancient canyons, and precious time for yourself in the wilderness!

OARS - $1,249
Optional Sleep Kit - $40
Individual Tent - $15
National Park Fee - $10 (waived with National Park Pass)
Pacific Mindfulness - $175

Total Cost:   $1,424 - $1,489

Deposit: $250 to OARS
16 to 20 people

To Register Contact Carrie Aronson at OARS [email protected] or 800-346-6277 ext. 4786 or direct, 209-753-4786

For Other Questions contact Heidi Bourne at 707.498.5562

Guest Yoga Teacher:
Tamra James has been actively practicing Pilates and Yoga since she discovered them together during her 1st year of college soccer in 2009. She has been teaching Pilates and fitness classes in Arcata, California since 2014 and holds certification in BASI Pilates. In early 2018 she will be certified in Yoga Teacher Training and Holistic Health Coaching. Tamra is passionate about the art of movement and its many health benefits. She is dedicated to sharing this passion through teaching safe and comfortable movement in both studio and wilderness settings to people of any age.

Before you go, Everything you need to know

In support of our contemplative practice, this trip will be free from alcohol and drugs.

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