Teaching at Spirit Rock

  • Teaching at Spirit Rock

I’m delighted to tell you that I’ll be joining Sylvia Boorstein in offering a wonderful online class, 
Life as Practice: Discussions with Sylvia Boorstein & Friends.

Our focus in this online class will be on interactive discussion, virtual community building, current events, and how to bring our practice more fully into everyday life. Sylvia and I will share practical tools to respond to these rollercoaster times with mindfulness, presence, and an open heart. We meet twice each month and registration is open. Join us for heartfelt connection with sangha, meaningful shared moments, and plenty of Sylvia-style laughter!

I hope you can join us! 

Sylvia Boorstein and Donald Rothberg, my primary mentors, periodically invite me to teach their lovely Wednesday morning drop in class at Spirit Rock. This class has been meeting every Wednesday morning for 25 years! It includes sitting meditation, a dharma talk, and group discussion. It’s a lovely morning of community practice. 

Stay tuned for upcoming dates...
10am - 12:00pm
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
5000 Sir Frances Drake
Woodacre, California


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