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    By definition, all of us experience difficulty, challenge and stress, especially in 2020. We can also experience delight, ease, and beauty, even now. Through the grounding and strengthening practices of awareness, presence and love, we're invited to meet our lives just as they are right now.

    Join a group of dedicated practitioners for a 3-day home-based retreat that invites us to connect our inner spiritual lives to our outer daily lives. Each day we'll meet for early morning meditation and the gentle movement practice of qigong, and each evening will include a dharma talk, daily practice discussion, qigong and meditation. 

    This program is designed for those with an active meditation practice.

    Thursday to Sunday
    October 22 - 25
    Online via Zoom, Pacific Time

    Evenings: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 6:30 to 8:30pm

    Oct 22nd, 2020

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