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  • At Spirit Rock Meditation Center

    Wednesday Morning Drop-In class at Spirit Rock is for everyone! Started about 30 years ago by Sylvia Boorstein, the class includes sitting meditation, a dharma talk, and group discussion. It’s a lovely morning of community practice. 

    If you can't make it, you can listen to my talks anytime. Scroll down and enjoy!

    June 8
    July 6
    10am - Noon PT
    Join via Zoom

  • Summer Practice Intensive

    "O Nobly Born, you who are the sons and daughters of the awakened ones, the buddhas and the bodhisattvas. Remember who you are - the luminous nature of your mind, the goodness of your heart. Trust it, return to is home."  traditional Buddhist invocation to practice

    Energize and deepen your practice with a group of dedicated practitioners. Throughout the Intensive, we'll focus why we practice, what brings us back, how we practice and what we're learning - giving particular attention to practices that support the clear mind, the kind heart, and the equanimity that supports our lives.

    Each two-hour session will include meditation, dharma exploration and time to talk with each other. It’s a rich opportunity for those wishing to deepen their connection to sangha, our spiritual community of friends, and to the teachings of awareness, compassion and wisdom.

    Jun 10th, 2022
  • Monday Afternoon Essential Buddhist Practices

    Quiet the mind, open the heart, befriend your life.

    Join us Monday afternoons as we take a deep dive into various teachings of the Buddha drawn from the Insight Meditation tradition. Each class includes meditation, a dharma talk, and group discussion in the service of cultivating awareness, compassion, and wisdom.

    Everyone is welcome, both new and seasoned practitioners. These classes are offered in 5 to 6 week blocks. Come for the whole series, or drop in whenever you can.

    Discovering the Boundless Heart, The Paramis - Part 1
    5 Monday Afternoons, 4:00 - 5:30pm PT
    June 13 - July 18th (no class July 4th)
    Series Fee: $70 for full series
    Single Class Fee: $0 - $15, sliding scale
    Registration Open
    Click on this link to join
    Meeting ID: 861 9077 3235
    Passcode: 091609

    Jun 13th, 2022
  • Pathways to Presence; Poetry, Meditation, Conversation & A Little Writing

    Poems have a magical way of bringing us closer to our lives, giving us a new view, a deeper view, and a little more understanding of what makes us tick. Connecting with others over a poem, in meditation and conversation, offers new perspectives, inspires creativity, and is a balm for the spirit.

    Drawing on poems from a variety of poets, each two-hour session includes reading poems together, meditation, and exploring how the poems connect us to ourselves, each other, and the wisdom of the Dharma. The last session is a half-day retreat that includes the opportunity to do some of your own writing guided by the writer, teacher, poet, and dharma practitioner, Gail Ford. 

    Everyone is welcome. No prior background in either meditation, poetry or writing is necessary. Just bring your curious mind and willing heart. The poems will be sent in advance of each session and there is no homework. 

    Aug 5th, 2022
  • Mindfulness for the Earth with Dr. Sarah Ray

    Do you feel hopeless in the face of bad news about the health of the planet?
    Are you worried there won't be a healthy planet to ensure that your kids or grandkids can thrive?
    Do you feel the suffering of the earth and its inhabitants on a daily basis?

    Research shows that mindfulness practices enhance concern about climate change, as well as the capacity to cope with and address it. Our emotions are a sign of our connection to the suffering of life on this planet. But despair, anger, and anxiety over the long-term can deplete our capacity to engage. 

    This 4-week session brings together the heart-practices of mindfulness and research on climate psychology to cultivate greater capacity to cope with the psychological effects of climate change, reconnect with each other and the earth, and be of service to planetary healing.

    Dates & Times
    4 Monday Afternoons
    4:00 to 6:00pm PT
    September 12 - October 3

    Sep 12th, 2022

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