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  • Professional Programs

Mindfulness is the balanced awareness of whatever is happening right now for the purpose of developing discerning and skillful interactions. Training the mind towards focus, balance, and insight supports individuals, enhances interpersonal relationships, and positively impacts the vibrancy and culture of the work environment itself. Developing and sustaining a satisfied and healthy staff leads to increased productivity, better customer service, greater staff and customer loyalty along with higher overall job satisfaction.

  • Well-Being Works

    Well-Being Works is a fully customizable program for developing mindfulness and well-being specifically for professional settings. The program is taught through a variety of interactive exercises and practices, along with discussions of the role of the brain, meditation, kindness and compassion, mindfulness in conversations, and how the mind’s capacity to focus its attention in the present moment decreases reactivity and increases curiosity, tolerance, resilience and skillful response.   Weekly sessions are an hour and a half spread over four to eight weeks, ideal for integrating practices and building skills from week to week. The program is also offered as a daylong workshop. By the end of the program participants will have:

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