Well-Being Works; Everyday Mindfulness for Well-Being at Work

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    Well-Being Works; Everyday Mindfulness for Well-Being at Work

Well-Being Works is a comprehensive program for developing mindfulness and well-being specifically for professional settings. Training the mind towards focus, balance, and insight supports individuals, enhances interpersonal relationships, and positively impacts the vibrancy and culture of the work environment itself.

The program is taught through a variety of interactive exercises and practices, along with discussions of the role of the brain, meditation, judgment and reactivity, thoughts and emotions, kindness and compassion, and mindfulness in conversations. Particular attention will be given to how the mind’s capacity to focus its awareness in the present moment decreases stress in the mind and body, while increasing curiosity, tolerance, and resilience leading to skillful response and an increased sense of overall well-being. 

By the end of the program participants will have:

  • a fundamental understanding of the foundations of mindfulness, its applications, accessibility and importance
  • specific tools and practices for well-being both at work and outside of work
  • an understanding of the far-reaching significance of kindness, compassion and empathy
  • the tools to begin an on-going meditation practice, if desired
  • the resources and support for continued practice in the community
  • a suggested reading list for further training


Heidi Bourne is a mindfulness meditation teacher who has been guiding groups and individuals in both private and public settings since 2005. She holds certification in mindfulness facilitation through UCLA, is a member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association, and is a guest teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Heidi has a background in nursing and has been a small business owner in Arcata, California for 30 years. 

Heidi Bourne facilitated an incredibly useful, powerful, and inclusive mindfulness training for the staff of the Northcoast Regional Land Trust.  She skillfully guided us through new concepts and practices that improve our ability to respond to challenging situations, gave us powerful tools for reducing stress in the complex and fast-paced work we do, and created a safe space for important and meaningful conversations.    Heidi’s ability to teach life-transforming concepts—in an experiential and accessible way—has positively changed the way we approach our work, our lives, and each other.  I would not hesitate to recommend Heidi Bourne’s mindfulness training to anyone… these are powerful lessons.

Mike Cipra, Executive Director
Northcoast Regional Land Trust
Arcata, California

From Course Participants...
Outstanding program. Very well-organized, well facilitated, accessible and educational. The variety and breadth of material was impressive. Great activities.  I hope more businesses and organizations get to experience this! Very informative, and I now feel as though I am part of a work community instead of just a staff member. Kindness practice has already made a huge difference in my life and work.  What a powerful teaching. How easy it can be to bring mindfulness & meditation into our lives. Just taking a breath can change any situation.

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