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  • Drop-In Sitting Group

    Mindfulness Meditation classes are for anyone interested in sitting with a group in supported silence. Instructions and guided meditations focus on developing mindful awareness, loving-kindness, wisdom and compassion. Anyone of any background is welcome, both experienced and new meditators alike. No sign-up is necessary. Come anytime. Everyone is Welcome!

  • Everyday Mindfulness for Everyday Life; Meditation & Qigong - LIVE ONLINE

    Join us ONLINE for our signature course in mindfulness and meditation!...Now including the beautiful movement practice of Qigong with guest teacher Heather Lear.

    Mindfulness, meditation and gentle movement give us the skills and resources to cultivate a clear mind, a kind heart and the ability to transform reactivity into wise responsiveness. We'll explore mindfulness of the breath & body, thoughts & emotions, loving-kindness & ethics, and empathy & forgiveness from both Buddhist and secular mindfulness perspectives.

    Course Includes:

    Oct 1st, 2019
  • Wisdom Rising: Exploring the Path of Parenting as We Age

    As parents of any age, we know the depth and breadth of our commitment and our love for our kids. As our kids grow, move into their own lives, perhaps have their own children, what is our role? How do we define our relationship as parents to our kids both young and grown?  As we age, what do we need, what do they need? How do we help create and support the relationship with healthy boundaries?

    Join me and Samantha Akers for this beautiful in-depth exploration of parenting through the lens of the Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha. We’ll especially work with the teachings on Wisdom, Ethics and the Heart. Each 2-hour session will include guided and silent meditation, a talk and group discussion.

    Oct 3rd, 2019
  • Retreat into Daily Life; an Integrated Non-Residential Retreat Experience

    Begin the New Year by grounding, strengthening and invigorating the practices of awareness, presence and love! Join a group of dedicated practitioners for a non-residential retreat that connects our inner meditation lives to our outer daily lives.

    Jan 2nd, 2020

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