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What People Are Saying...

2018 Wilderness Retreats

Yampa & Green River Meditation & Yoga Retreat

"I have done many river trips in the past, but this was my first coupled with yoga and meditation. It was sublime. The trip was carefully crafted with consideration of all aspects - adventure, excitement, exploration and relaxation in equal proportions. " - J.B., San Francisco, CA

"I would like to give my great appreciation to Heidi and OARS for making this retreat possible. It was superb." - K.M., Santa Rosa, CA

"I'm still feeling waves of happiness remembering every moment of this phenomenal experience. Being in a such a secluded, natural environment is always spiritual, but this particular trip provided our group with a deeply reverential experience. I highly recommend this life-affirming trip!" - N.K., Arcata, CA

"There are times in your life you say am I really doing this? This rafting adventure is beyond words. I recommend this trip and hope to go again as life is too short to not live the life you love and love the life you live." - J.O., Eureka, CA


Women's Wilderness Meditation, Yoga, Hiking & Creativity Retreat

This retreat was the best thing I have done for myself in my adult life since choosing my life partner. Learning more about self compassion and mindfulness whilst being surrounded by incredibly powerful and loving woman in the wilderness of the Trinity Alps was a recipe for one of the most wonderful feasts I have every been part of. Thank you Heidi for making this happen and putting such forethought and care into our group of woman. I am forever changed.  - SDL, Arcata, CA



I so enjoyed my retreat experience, just the right amount of wilderness and rusticness and the presence of so many loving, caring women put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart throughout the five days. I am still smiling and feeling heart warmth days after the retreat. Thank you to all of the participants. - CH, Arcata, CA






I went to the mountains wide-open to new experiences and possibilities, as well as to physical and emotional challenges … to a place set in the Trinity Alps on the cusp of summer and autumn …

… into the stillness of the mountains, with their expansive views and opportunities to move under my own power across rough-hewn terrain … 

...to a place where I began each day to the sound of gently ringing bells calling me to morning yoga and meditation at a meadow beside the lake, and then closing the day with a campfire dharma talk and meditation … 

… all under the sheltering umbrella of a remarkably skilled teaching staff, camp crew and trail guides, while in the company of amazing women … 

… and, just as a plant grows in the presence of the right mixture of water, nutrients and sunlight, and when given enough time and space …  I, too, grew. - C.L., Arcata, CA

2017 Wilderness Retreats

Rogue River Meditation & Yoga Retreat 

"The Rogue River Rafting and Meditation Retreat was an incredibly enjoyable and illuminating experience on so many levels. One could not ask for better guides – in both river running and in meditation practice – for this multi-day adventure. I found it extremely meaningful to connect with other participants on this shared journey, gain a better understanding of myself, and connect with such an inspiring land- and water-scape." 
- Dan, Eureka, CA

"Silence helps us deeply tune in with our natural rhythm and that which surrounds us. Dharma talks to help direct our minds, yoga to stretch our bodies and great meals to nourish us. Three sweet things: Hearing the guides tell us how restful and peaceful it was for them to be on this retreat. They embraced the silence and our practices wholeheartedly. Kayaking through Solitude Canyon with eagles soaring. Seeing the full moon through the trees as I looked up one evening after dinner." - Jeanne, Blue Lake, CA

"I had a peaceful, introspective, relaxing and fun experience. The combination of the dynamic, breathtaking beauty of the environment and the inner work that Heidi provided through dharma talks, meditation and yoga were complimentary to any stage of commitment on the path. The food and organizational skills of Heidi, Stephanie and the OARS staff were excellent, seamless and beautiful!! I will definitely do this type of adventure/journey again. Thank you with all of my (awakening) heart."  - Maria, Arcata, CA


Women's Wilderness Hiking, Meditation and Creativity Retreat
Camp Unalayee, Trinity Alps of Northern California

"Open spaces, filled with open hearts and minds created a uniquely beautiful mindfulness experience in the Trinity Alps. It was a sweet blend of teaching, sharing, contemplation and movement; supported by a topnotch camp staff and delectable food...delightful in every way!"
 - Kate, Arcata, CA


"The wilderness retreat was a chance to immerse myself in nature and be nourished by its beauty and solitude. I was able to deepen my meditation practice and reflect on self-compassion's role in my well-being while spending early mornings with lakeside yoga, days hiking incredible trails, and evenings listening to teachings by campfire! Having the opportunity to meditate several times a day in the wilderness strengthened my practice profoundly and left me with a sense of calm and understanding I hadn't felt in a long time."
 - Gina, McKinleyville, CA 

"Hiking, camping, writing, and crafts blended with yoga, meditation, and hot, delicious meals equaled sheer bliss! By the end of the retreat, my inner being was as refreshed, clear, and spacious as the gorgeous surroundings we occupied. This was my favorite retreat yet! Four sweet things: drinking my coffee on a big rock under the stars with the sun slowly rising behind the trees; alpine lake swims during every hike; navigating noisy tent zippers and logistics in the black of the night; and dharma talks and meditations at the fire pit."  - Jen W., Seattle, WA

"The Trinity Alps are magical – with majestic mountain ranges, clear alpine lakes, meadows of wildflowers, and an endless amount of breathtaking vistas. Focused practice and deep self care, led by Heidi and her team of skillful facilitators, among a safe and supportive community of women, allowed me to connect with an inner sense of freedom and open possibility that is always present in nature.  " - Sarah P., McKinleyville, CA

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